Activate your Calling (English)

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As a child I was often asked: 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' If you have become that or not, in fact it says little about who you are. This book shows you that everything can just move rapidly if you attune yourself to a much more important question: 'Why am I here on this Earth?'

Janosh is an artist, writer, medium, visionary, stylist, designer and so much more. But more important he is someone who knows what he lives for. Janosh feels his Calling and that is to bring something beautiful to the Earth, something that inspires us to live in another way. He begins to permeate this in his work Activate your Calling where you can read what you need and just like Janosh, get up every day with the feeling that you are here for a reason on this earth.

Discover the 13 keys in this book to help you to live from your heart, without boundaries and without limiting yourself. Make contact with your passion, self-esteem and self-confidence. Feel the value of perseverance and the importance of focus as a shield against distraction, manipulation and polluted powers. Inspiring anecdotes await you as well as practical tips to gain more from your life. All of this as well as quotes and beautiful design Activate your Calling is a really fascinating book of art to either give to yourself or to another as a present.

Completely Full-color | Artpaper 
Size: 210x210mm

Language: English

23-04-2017 15:05

De workshop Sleutels tot je Roeping was een 'life changing' moment en nu met het boek erbij, kan ik nog terugbladeren en mijzelf herinneren de combinaties van de sleutels. Ben heel benieuwd naar de Engelse versie en hoop dat het net zo populair wordt voor de deelnemers van Keys to your Calling als hier in Nederland. Onmisbaar in mijn persoonlijk collectie

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