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‘This is how I do it!’
‘It can be different’. That is my motto for 2019. Dare to do things just like YOU want to do them! Exactly as it feels without any compromises. Too often I hear from people how things have to be, what the ‘trend’ is, what is normal or what is the best for me. I listen and sometimes there is something slightly right. But then I think: ‘why can’t it be different? Why do we need to cling onto all the success stories and traditions? In 2019 let’s go beyond the things we know. Let’s all make our own statement. This is me and this is how I do it!
In this blog five well-known situations in which you can make a difference …

Mind your health!

At the end of December all the ‘get healthy’ campaigns are started because: we HAVEto get going with ourselves. You come across all the usual advertisements. A whole month free of get fit training at home. A huge discount on a membership at the gym. A free trial diet. Delicious ‘mindful’ recipes. You are unable to overcome the ‘feel good wave’ that is pushed upon the masses in January. You almost start feeling guilty if you don’t take part, because ‘getting over’ Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a must.


Perhaps you know that voice on the walkways at Amsterdam airport, when you go on holiday. That robot like stem woman’s voice that says: ‘Mind your step’! I can almost hear it in my mind whilst writing and I have to laugh about it. I can see the picture in my mind: all of us in a queue at the walkway on the way to 2019. We count down and as we step on there is that irritating voice once more that gives us a warning: ‘Watch your health’! And that is why you take out a membership, or a discount voucher or a power diet. Of course that is a good thing, but why now? And could it also be different?


OK and there you are, standing in the gym. Or on the beach for a New Year’s swim. It feels good – you begin the year with a bang – and even so you still feel alone. ‘Is this really who I am and do I really want to do this? goes through your mind. It is logical that the vibe has gone in just two weeks. It didn’t come from deep within you. It was not a really deep desire. There was no statement. What would happen if you went for the New Year’s swim a day later, just for yourself. Or you went to the gym at the less busy times, when no one else is there. Start your diet in February, where no one is busy with New Year’s resolutions. Trigger yourself to do things differently, without all the impulses from the outside. Trigger your own emotion. Then you will really find out how much you want to do it!


Make your statement in the Gym with your own Energy Bottle of a Body Activation Tattoo. (Now for the start of 2019 with special offers)


The first meeting

If you work in an office, then you will know already: the first meeting at your work in January. ‘Creating a summary’ together again, because once more we have to pick up the thread. In the first few moments you know, how you are sitting at the table. The people who are often opposed to work against something new, take up the ropes strongly again. They keep control over the process and how ‘it is supposed to happen’ because it all went so well last year didn’t it? In the first meeting the tasks are often more explicit, new goals are decided, plans are made … for some people the first meeting feels like a thorough briefing for a military exercise. Not really surprising that some people prefer to take an extra week off.


Now you join in, having had the time to reflect. In December you thought about how things can be different. Over how you would really like to see things done. With more awareness, more authenticity, more sustainable or whatever. Then prepare yourself: you are going to get opposition. You will have to defend your points of view. And if you are someone who prefers not to get into any discussion, then people are going to walk all over you and nothing will come at all of any of your new ideas.


But just as I began this blog: it can all be different. Personally I would not go looking for any arguments. I would prefer to get up an hour earlier and to make all the necessary preparations beforehand. My plan would be to determine the energy around the table and to make it my own, so that it feels as if my colleagues are visiting me. By lighting a candle, taking your own tea, or something nice to eat or putting a plant on the table. Spreading your favourite perfume into the space – with the Energy Sprays- you actually fill the room with a healing energy. You can also place print outs of the things you want to discuss, so that this is the first thing that people see. Put a couple of bottles of water on the table, knowing that everyone will be in the ‘get healthy’ mood. If you create your own energy field, then you have the perfect setting to bring your ideas to the forefront. Believe me, the idea of beginning your day with a meditation (for example) suddenly does not feel so strange anymore.


Create your own setting with these energetic tools. More information …


The holiday hype

I don’t know what it is, but why the media thinks that at this time of year, we are all busy thinking about a holiday. That is why there are all sorts of commercials with ‘early booking’ discounts to sunny destinations. You have to book NOW; otherwise you will be too late. And so we do it. Even though it has not even begun to freeze outside, we visualize ourselves on a sunny beach or wherever. It automatically becomes part of our discussions: ‘Have you already booked your holiday?’


If you are one of those people who like to take advantage of the offers and want to book your holiday at a camping in Italy, do it of course! But you are only busy with this because you feel that it is expected of you, then this is your statement: book it through someone else. Don’t take the route to the travel agents, but the route of the ‘locals’. Ask around if people know of any special places, which you perhaps have not thought of going to – every family has a fanatical traveller or backpacker who knows the nicest destinations and addresses.


The best journeys and (power) places I have always found through someone else. This is how I came to go to Balukha, the sacred mountain in Siberia. Or to the beautiful monastery in Montserrat. This year I will be organising new retreats in the Mandali Retreat Centre in Italy (the information will be coming soon online), which I never would have found if I had used Google and to Baikal in Siberia. It is worthwhile asking your networks believe me. And you make a statement by doing things the way YOU want to do them!


Following successful icons

How often do you hear teachers, managers or coaches speaking about success and how you can achieve it? How often do they use the success stories of Apple, Microsoft and other multi nationals? How often do you hear quotes from Steve Jobs, Oprah, Obama and other icons? And how are we told that if we follow their advice, that we will be able to achieve the same too?


My passion is comprised of two things: inspiring people to live their own truth and then share that from heart to heart. For me, the story is quite simple: everyone is here with their own creation exercise. Success does not come with a formula. It is the feeling that when you dig deep enough inside yourself and make the right choices. Then you discover your own Holy Grail; the path that you, as a soul, have chosen. There are many pointers. There are definitely lots of things to help. But the path you walk is YOUR path. Just like a success icon that we all love to quote, had their own paths. They did it as they were supposed to do, so don’t follow them. Don’t take on the same patterns blindfold. Allow yourself to be inspired by what is possible when you really set your mind to it.


Here your statement: hang a list on the wall with YOUR life quote. Put your own name under it. This is your truth, which you can wear with pride. Maybe others will find it strange, but that is why it is called a statement! If you really want a laugh, then take it up a notch and hang a nice quote from Plato or Da Vinci next to it. Show everyone that you take your own truth seriously!


The transition to 5G networks

There is lot known and the transition has already been announced: we are moving over to 5G. This means faster internet, a better signal and an even bigger data capacity. But it also means more electromagnetic radiation and danger for our health. Think about migraine, nausea and chronic fatigue. Telecommunication companies are pleased about the transition to 5G, because it means more growth, range and profit. The question is: what price are we going to pay for this controversial technological advancement?


When I look at the new generation and how they are growing up with Google, Iphones and social media, then I understand why we have to move on to 5G. The teenagers of today want to be served with their growing demand as a consumer, which means that they don’t want to be restrained by anything to be able to live their lives online. Actually we are all a bit infected: we even have WiFi on the beach. But for those who aspire for a sustainable life, there is a down side. Think about the damaging effects of radiation on our cell growth.


Your statement for 2019 could be that you start having ‘analogy days’. Days in which you consciously don’t use any technology. If you want to counteract the effects of radiation, then I have the Transmitter Tags for you. These neutralize the negative frequencies of WiFi networks. I even have one on my own phone. I place it on the table during a meeting face down so that everyone can see the sticker. Apart from the fact that it works, you can make a statement this way. It is funny how many people react positively to this and really want to join in with the idea too.


Protect yourself and others against radiation with the Transmitter Tags. More information …


My statement …

In 2019 my statement is as follows: I am going for collective growth. And that is why I choose for Inner Space. This is my latest project, in which I am venturing into a co-operation with the entertainment branch. I have taken almost a whole year to do everything to make this possible. Everyone advised me not to take this step. But it is not a statement without reason: I believe in Synergy, I believe that opposites can elevate one another when they join together for a higher purpose. With Inner Space I want to give an example that worlds no longer need to be divided, but with (some effort and vulnerability) we can amalgamate into one.


In this project I am still going to be Janosh. I am still going to connect with everyone that I have inspired in the past few years. But a part will also change. This is all about something much bigger than you and me. It is all about the idea that everything you need is already within. The source of real inspiration and progress is already stored in our DNA. It is waiting to be activated and by going with me into Inner Space, you are going to set this in motion to bring as many people as possible all over the world to their own truth. I sincerely hope that you are going to go with me too.


There where things can be different, is the real growth.

There where you do things differently, you make a statement.



From heart to heart,





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    Thank you for your Inspirations from 3. to the 5. Dimension of mother earth. To be myself is also Earthkeeping

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