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A big theme in the world is water. Or I should say: water is MY theme. I thought it might be nice to give this some extra attention, because in a certain way it supports the thought behind my work (geometry forms the blueprint of the universe). But without becoming too philosophical: water is very important for all of us. Not only for our bodies but also for our spiritual growth.

Our ‘Janosh tradition’
There are special traditions that we keep going on the work floor. Think for example about a jar of sweets or a tin of biscuits, that we all take turns to fill. Or offering everyone a piece of cake on our birthdays. The Monday morning meetings begin with a cup of coffee, finishing off the week with a drink. These are all nice things that keep us connected and you cannot imagine not doing it anymore – you will really miss them if they suddenly stopped.


At our office that is (you have guessed it): water. When we all sit together at the large table to talk about how things have gone during the week, there are always two or three filled Energy Bottles and glasses. This has become a sort of tradition. We wait for about 5 minutes until the water has the right vibration – the energy code on the bottle makes this possible – and we all drink our glasses of water. Nobody wants to do it any other way or ask if perhaps some fruit juices are available too. Nobody takes any notice if someone gets up to visit the toilet (because you have to if you drink a lot of water). Water is ‘our’ thing. It has even won from coffee or tea.


The vibration is important
What I find amusing is that drinking water is something we have never really made a lot of fuss about. Since the Energy Bottles are available, it has just become a part of our pattern. It is not as if we really think about it. We just feel the effect and that is enough. But now as I take water as the theme for this week, it is interesting to think a bit more about it. It is not that I only promote the drinking of water; to me it is all about the energy of water. The vibration is important; tap water, because of all the processes it goes through, does not have the same vibration as spring water. It is clean, you can drink it, but it just misses energy.


When I think about the fact that I am made up of about 75% from water and that I should drink two litres a day, it is then quite strange that I don’t think about it a lot. I could compare this with sleeping; a lot of people are not very busy with that either. You sleep for about 8 hours a day and you need these hours to re-charge yourself, to allow your body to relax etc. In those few hours your subconscious is hard at work. You process impressions in your sleep. You body is healing itself and continuing growth processes. These are the crucial hours, which determine how you begin the next day, either right or wrong. But do we gauge it this way? Not often. We often lie on cheap cushions, bad mattresses with our mobiles (which give radiation) on our bedside tables. We don’t pay enough attention to our sleep… and the same applies to water.


Water is much more than damp
How do you define the quality of the water you drink? Just by asking yourself this question brings you about halfway. Let’s just begin with the simple facts: water is much more than damp. It is a transformer of energy. It carries information and this information is stored in your cells. Through water you store knowledge and memories. It is your source of energy and vitality. By not drinking enough water you can become sick or depressed. This can also result that you start over-contemplating, become down or even lose your grip on reality. This happens because your body goes into survival mode; you retain water to protect your vital organs. You then become uncomfortable. Logical of course, because your body is actually stressing!

What I find even more interesting is how the molecular structure of water changes from external stimulation. Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted intensive studies about this – read more about it.  In this context the idea behind the Energy Bottle is not new, even if the use of the silver code is definitely unique. These codes are geometrical and therefore have a raised vibrational effect. They give back the water a sort of ‘source code’, because water as an element (just like all elements in nature) is based on Sacred Geometry. You must not confuse this with the cleansing of water; that is a completely different process, in which soiled water is purified from toxic substances. What I am talking about is the energy that influences water. And because we are all made up from 75% of water, this indirectly influences your own State of Being. 


Water and Energetic Work
For those of you, like me, who do energetic work and want to be in contact with other worlds, water is absolutely necessary to make this contact. A shortage of water ensures that the energy channels silt up, meaning that your sensitivity becomes less. Also ‘toxic emotions’ do not flow out of your system, because you hold on to them and crop things up. You release processes through water and cleanse yourself from within. If you consequently do not drink enough water – and I am talking over a number of years – means that you lose contact with your intuition. By drinking two litres of water every day means you will feel a huge difference in 30 days! Doing this in combination with the activations, can really make an enormous difference. The more the cell memory is updated with new information, the more your consciousness grows and your sensitivity too! 

Becoming better attuned to one another
Finally I just want to say: drinking enough water is not my statement. I don’t need to explain to anyone how healthy and important this is. Where I want to inspire you is by saying that water is also a ‘trigger’, which can accelerate your spiritual growth. It can be the trigger to strengthen your relationship with others. This is what I actually see at my office. Apart from the fact that we all enjoy our glass of water during the meetings, something magical actually happens. We become much more attuned to one another. Exactly in the same way the energy is harmonized when I do a group activation live, this also happens at the table. We all come – albeit more slowly – into the same vibration. A beautiful extra effect of the Energy Bottle apart from the fact that you feel fresh, energetic and clean from within.


This blog therefore, extra attention for water. Cheers!

From heart to heart,


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