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I love people. I always have. And it affects me when I see the people who I love, are uncomfortable in their own skin. Then something awakens in me and I want to help them. I set myself ‘ON’ and I am attracted to them like a magnet.

Intuitively I set about my work. Sometimes my hands are extremely warm and then I instinctively feel that I have to place them somewhere on their body. The other times I pick up negative emotions, which I have to help them release. Or I see images or situations when another person has become stuck. Literally anything can happen. There are no rules or methods. There is only an exchange of energy.


For more than 15 years this has been my work. I estimate that I have spent approximately 20.000 hours giving sessions, in groups and to individuals over the entire world. If I also include people from within my own socials circles, then I think I have been privileged to help more than 40.000 people. And from all the people who came to me, there was not one from whom l did not learn something about myself. I have literally seen and heard everything that effects people pass by … from stress about paying the mortgage, to lying awake at night about demons in the house. Each session gave me more insight what is actually happening to all of us. And more important: how little we know about energy and the power of thought.


Even though I could have written this book much earlier, the idea actually came to me in the past year. I discovered that my sessions began to take on another character. Where previously there had been much more questions about getting rid of fears and blockages, as well as awakening someone’s potential, I saw the tendency that people are ‘energetically’ exhausted. They come to me, not to change anything, but just to recharge themselves. The so-called ‘quick fix’. Then they leave as reborn, through the door, to be back where they began four weeks later.


In 2018 a lot of people have difficulty with the intense, rushed life in the western world. The result: they become weak and over stimulated. And I don’t just mean the ‘oldies’ that are not able to keep up with new trends. I am talking here about the 20 and 30 year olds who collapse at home and at work. Based on their age they should be in the prime of their life, but they are not. They are tired every day, down, uninspired and continually distracted. Someone with a burnout around the age of 30 is not uncommon these days. It often occurs that teenagers stay at home because they miss the energy to tackle the challenges in life. How can that be?


In this book, I will give you the main reasons. I will share with you why in these times we are energetically ‘out of shape’. Why we are all affected by stress. Why we are suddenly tired or down. It is all because of our sensitivity and how we evolve as people towards a higher spiritual consciousness. If you were busy with eating healthier food, drinking and movement, then this book is for you. It shows you how you too can also remain energetically fit.

 ‘Energetically Fit’ is my gift to you, to help you keep emotionally in balance in these busy and lively times. With huge thanks to all of those who shared their problems with me so openheartedly and gave me the insights and experience to be able to write this book.


From heart to heart,


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  1. Roxana Roxana

    Together we will pass this changing times, thank you Janosh for all your work , for the webinars and for your wonderful energy ❤️ It s always a pleasure for the hart to linsten to you!
    Roxana from Italy

  2. Celia Regina Gonçalves Preto Celia Regina Gonçalves Preto

    Gostaria de agradecer desde já, por estar neste momento aqui, Gratidão por este momento, pelo e book, desejo à vc o melhor de tudo em sua jornada. Gratidão, Gratidão de coração ♥️

  3. Margarita O. Chio Margarita O. Chio

    Janosh querido: Mi más profundo agradecimiento a tu especial labor en este plano existencial. Gracias por traer a mi persona luz, curacion y amor y, aun cuando mi Camino lo hago de la mano del Maestro de la Era, mi ser reconoce las "herramientas sutiles" que están a mi disposición en este mundo y que mi Divinidad las trae hacia mi. Dear Janosh: My profound gratefulness to your "special work" in this existence. Thank you as well for bringing to my life light, health and love, and even when I am in a Spiritual Path with The Master of the Era, my being recognize "the subtle tools" that are all available in this world which my Divinity brings to my life.

  4. Claudia Schulz Claudia Schulz

    Janosh, you have choosen a great Task to create an energetic field to bring back the fire within the human heart. My absolutely respect for your choice " humanity ". My best wishes to you Claudia


    Thank You very much for your precious help you are giving to Many people all over the world. Your sacred geometry, your Wisdom and your beautiful and UPLIFTING music is very profound and help me in my spiritual path and I am aware that to Many people too. Thank You very much again and Hope that everything goes smoothly and beautiful for you and your Loving ones. BEST wishes to you too :-)

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