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Every week we share a frequency with you that accelerates your personal and spiritual growth. It also helps you to make a deep connection with the collective consciousness. We believe in the power of joining as one and the fact that on subconscious level we are all inter-connected. Therefore, align yourself with the Frequency of the Week and feel how you are being carried by the dominant energy of the moment.

Frequency MARCH 23 - MARCH 30 2019

Our soul is constantly working for us. She shows us the way and wants to inspire us. Often we don’t listen, because the signals from the soul sometimes seem illogical. They don’t fit within the boundaries of our thinking. This is what you experience when you feel something is going to happen, but you are not sure exactly what.


At a subconscious level you pick something up, something that you cannot explain within your head. That ‘something’ feels like an echo. It’s the reflection of what your soul transmits to give you information about where you are right now. Echoes can repeat frequently or not; it all depends on where you want to go. That is why it’s important to give your soul the right information. Tune into exactly what you want, what makes you happy and which people or situations will help you further. Just like a radio station, your soul will transmit the exact signal to you at the right moment just before you reach your next station.


The frequency of Echo gives you insight into which energy you transmit and when it will echo back to you.


Affirmation: Echoes from the soul give me insight to what I transmit and receive.


How to use…

Relax your body and follow your breathing. 

Click on the image to enlarge.

Focus for several minutes on the centre.

Then close your eyes to absorb the frequency.

Open your eyes again and stay in silence for a while.



  1. Claudia (Earthkeeper) Claudia (Earthkeeper)

    Looking forward to an event in Summer ☺ Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Enschede, Utrecht, Gouda?

  2. Claudia Schulz Claudia Schulz

    Yes. Thank you for this beautiful clear mirror to calm my mind, hear my heart, listen to my soullanguage ☺ to be myself

  3. Andrea Hernández Andrea Hernández

    Por favor me interesa mucho comprar el libro de los Hologramas
    Soy de Santiago de Chile
    Una amiga viaja hoy a Madrid
    Allá lo podrá encontrar?
    Agradecida le saludo
    Andrea Hernández T

  4. Claudia Schulz Claudia Schulz

    Seems to be more true than true.
    Ascension will happen with " everybody has own experience and inner Truth ". The beauty behind all this : Freedom exist. Whatever is family or not, the inner connection exist and if this is not to family, it is also a truth, for whatever this is.
    Keeping care on mother earth in Abundance of water, we have to save ourselves and speak our inner Truth, if someone else loves this or not, freedom is as beauty behind...allways and forever, loving myself.

  5. Claudia Schulz Claudia Schulz

    After the process of feeling imprisoned: Our Lake is now as a little puddle in the desert
    I felt imprisoned as waterprotector from all this Tourists, driving to here with their big cars, running around the little puddle, wondering about where the Water is gone after 5 month Sun with a little, little bit Rain. The fun after this, so crazy this sounds, my soulrelatives ( grandma from my mother ' s side ) had lived at this places, at the Lake had been a wood. So I see now this wonderful place as it' s old beauty with a little river. Inner freedom in this shamanic healing field helps my little me to stay calm with the magic elements from mother earth and our deep roots and our culture in Germany. Calm the fire, trust the Water, breath in and out with the Wind, feel the woods under myself, walking and let the inner Sun burning in love. Trust the inner spirit guide and saying Thank you Janosh, as human on earth, to share this frequency and being a frequencyholder from this healingfield ☺.

  6. Gabriela Patricia Godoy Gabriela Patricia Godoy

    Muchas gracias Janosh por facilitar tu arte. Soy muy grata por ello. Me ha ayudado a profundizar en la reconexión con mi ser interior. Soy meditante. Son bellas las imágenes y colores que has creado a partir de los parámetros de la geometría sagrada recibidos. Saludos cordiales.

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