Miracles happen. It begins with the right energy. Such as the words that you use, the thoughts that you have. How you get up in the mornings and what you think about first of all. How you close off the day and what you are grateful for. Whatever is that you want to do or achieve: there is magic in energy.

For those of you who believe that everyone has it within themselves to do extraordinary things. Despite your age, background or experience. Do you dare to trust the power of your intentions and thoughts, and then you are capable of miracles. Even everyday things become beautiful, unforgettable diary moments when you think back: ‘How is this possible?’


Surprise yourself and amaze yourself in the world of Janosh (read more: Who is Janosh). With unusual and unspoken themes like energy work, resonation, self-healing, synchronicity and power of thought. Experience the healing working of Sacred Geometry, the tools to accelerate your spiritual growth. All the ingredients are offered to you to live from your heart, because we believe too that you have it in you to be a magician!


  1. Mary Ann Thomas Mary Ann Thomas

    Thank-you for such a simply but profoundly written book expressed with such humility and
    grace. God bless you and the Lord Arcturus who I felt through your words.

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