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It has been proven in nature that every atom and every molecule has its own vibration number. This is based on the number of small particles that are related to one another, so that a molecular structure is formed. In its perfect form the structure is geometrical. This is what Plato said in his times: The whole universe is built up from geometry. We do not only see this all around us. As people, we too have the same profile. Our cells, organs, the measurements of our body; everything is geometrically connected to each other.

Electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) disarrays this geometrical structure. It is made up from frequencies with changing electrical amplitudes. See this as pulses that are used to send digital information extremely quickly from one place to another. The discoveries of EMR have given us, television, mobile phones, cordless internet (WiFi). Every day we use this a lot, but the question is, at what price?


            The effects of electromagnetical radiation


When we make contact with our telephones or tablets with Internet, then our apparatus has become a source of radiation. We hold these sources of radiation on our laps (laptop/tablet) or against our heads (telephones). It is already clear that this is unnatural and science has already shown that EMR has negative effects have on our cell mitosis. Because of said radiation we subject ourselves to a higher risk of cancer, brain damage and infertility.


It is also known that the brain of a newborn child, and small children in general, much more sensitive is to EMR that the adult brain. In children not only in the brain is a huge amount of cell mitosis, but also nerves migrate to their eventual place. A lot of connections still have to take place, a process, which can be disturbed by EMR. Too much exposure to electromagnetic radiation can make a child grow up with behavioral problems like ADHD and dyslexia.


What the effects of EMR will be in our generation in say 20-30 years from now, I do not know, but I fully expect that we will not be pleased about it. Amongst other things I am very disturbed by how we have become so dependent on digital communication and in every house, office and restaurant, there HAS to be WiFi. And it has to be even faster and in the meantime we are already busy joining with the 5th generation (5G) network, which means: even more radiation.


Reflection: How often do I use mobile internet?


Effects of the Energy Field


Next to the physical impact, we must also not forget that EMR has an effect in our energy field in the first place. It reduces our energetic defenses and makes us emotional, tired and restless. Because of this we have weaker boundaries, less concentration and we are much more sensitive for fear and negativity. The worst thing is that here, we have little recognition for this in trade and industry, even though we are expected to perform every day of the week for 100%. People who complain about the effects of a send mast, should in my opinion, be taken more seriously. Their problem is not an excuse for not doing anything. They are actually bothered by this radiation and they can be less able to concentrate properly.


It is difficult to continue to see the difference when you all are in the same field of radiation. I know, because I have felt the difference. For the past number of years I have been to Siberia each summer, where I went into the most isolated areas on horseback. In the mountainous region of Altai – also known as the Russian Tibet – and I was surrounded by beautiful un-spoilt nature. It is an area completely free from radiation (and you feel it). After a couple of days you feel how the nature heals you and elevates you, something we no longer experience as strongly in the suburban areas.


In Siberia I felt big, like a sort of spiritual god. There was no noise anymore. Everything around me was clear. I felt totally relaxed and as light as a feather. Even the heavy physical journey did not make me tired. Back in the normal world this feeling disappeared again. At Moscow airport I collapsed into a heap, felt my energy shrink and felt smaller. And I felt unsafe. With the first phone call with my mobile, I felt as if a hundred pins were pricking in my head. I immediately got a headache and had difficulty concentrating on the conversation. Even my fellow travelers experienced the same setback, just as if we had agreed with one another to feel down in a certain place.


Reflection: How often do I expose myself to radiation?


Warning Signals


Some time ago I spoke to someone who was worried about a 5G mast being placed on the roof of the building where his company is situated. The idea that he would have to work every day in a radiation zone, made him feel uneasy. I could only agree with him. The planned transition to 5G is only and purely meant to respond to customer’s wishes. It earns a lot of money for big companies. Network providers and the makers of cordless apparatus can keep going for years to come. And even though we still do not have any answers about how big the damaging effects are of EMR and how we can reduce it.


There are a number of signals that warn you against the effects of radiation. The most obvious is difficulty in concentration. If you have this every day, not just for a while, but also for several hours after one another, then you have to be alert. Migraine, nausea, chronic tiredness and an uncomfortable pain in your muscles and joints are also warning signals.


Of course, in this book I cannot go around cancer. We are actually talking about radiation and the negative effect on our cell division. Cancer is a sensitive subject and I prefer not to make any conclusions. At this moment a lot of research is underway about EMR and in how much this affects our health, from microwaves to send masts. Scientists are continually in discussion with one another and I do not feel called to join in with the battle of ‘who is right’. But I will throw out the question; if we really need to strive for a higher up- and download speed, when from the opposite side we know so little about cancer and how to cure it. It feels a little bit like if we would like to fly in an ultramodern airplane without fully knowing how the laws of nature work.


A good test to see if you are suffering from the results of EMR, is to compare it to a hangover. If you have ever had one, then you know what the symptoms are. Think about a heavy head, feeling sick, a weak and burnt out body. Your movements are slow and somewhat painful. Actually you would prefer to spend the whole day in bed. If you have this a lot (when you have not drunk anything of course), then you should immediately go to the beach or a forest area to experience if the feeling immediately changes.


Trigger: Do I think that the internet is more important than my health?


Remedy for the Future


For more than two years I have been thinking about the idea of doing something about radiation. I have fantasized about my contribution to a healthier living and work situation and what that would look like. From my experience with geometry (my art is built up from this) I know how positively we react to geometric forms and patterns. It activates the power in us because, what is out of balance, is energetically healed.


The funny thing was that I had my vision in Altai, far away from areas of radiation in the populated world. It was there that I saw what I can contribute to, not only my own energetic health, but also that of others. At the same time I also saw that I had to let go of my own aversion to EMR to come to something more valuable. I did not have to look at it as something that I had to fight against, but more as a way to reach what I wanted.


WiFi is nothing more than an energetic network. Energy fields that are connected with one another through frequencies. It is as simple as that. The radiation that is released is in my opinion not the problem. It is the energy that is attached to it which determines if you become ill with it or not. Compare it with radio senders: in principle they do not form any threat. It is what you get to hear from these senders, that has an influence on you. Is the source pointed to love, connection, harmony…? or is the source connected to money, influence, domination…?


The question, which we have to ask ourselves, is: which frequencies do we give to one another? A frequency, which heals or a frequency, which separates? This question has motivated me to develop a number of products in which you use the WiFi network to spread positive energy. In fact, you do two things: neutralize the destructive energy in your home and add positive frequencies. These conform to geometric values, so that they are inspiring and healing.


Ask yourself the following: the radiation, which you expose yourself to every day, breaks nothing down, but actually feeds it. It is an accelerator for your mental and physical growth. You use it for more focus, self-confidence, and self-love. In a field of light you are elevated, just like in nature. Positive super radiation, we shall say. It could quite possibly be a remedy for the future.


Reflection: which energy would I like to have all around me every day?


Janosh created the Transmitter Device Tag. This sticker neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, which is set free when you connect the apparatus to the mobile internet. More information...


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