The frequency of Desire strengthens our decisiveness to break through questions and judgments.

There is something that can accelerate your creation process, thus strengthening the focus on what you want, namely: Desire. Desire is a very powerful emotion, releasing inhibitions. Imagine your head being pushed under water.  You don’t ask yourself why this is happening. You don’t have time to wonder about anything, because you only have one desire: you want AIR!


From the deepest part of your soul you will do anything to catch a breath of air. And that is exactly where your creation power lies. No questions, judgments or inhibitions, just purely that indestructible primal power that is yearning for what you really want. If you really want to turn things around, you need to feel it in every single cell of your body.  Invoke the desire within yourself!


The frequency of Desire strengthens our decisiveness to break through questions and judgments.


Affirmation: I embrace my desires and dare to admit them.


How to use…

Relax your body and follow your breathing. 

Click on the image to enlarge.

Focus for several minutes on the centre.

Then close your eyes to absorb the frequency.

Open your eyes again and stay in silence for a while.



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