Energetic body prints - Self Love

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Applying symbols to the body with conscious intent is relevant to all tribes and times, from the anchor on a sailor's arm to the ritually painted bodies during a spiritual initiation. Intentions are a powerful tool: where we place our focus is where we ex...

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The inner.space body prints embody the use of magical symbolism in a futuristic design. These codes have been specially designed to be experienced through the body. You can use the body prints to set an intention for your inner development, or when you’re taking new steps in your life process.

For people considering having an inner.space code as a tattoo, this is an alternative to a tattoo, or a useful way of trying it out before committing to one.

The ink is free of PPD and black henna and is gentle on the skin. If properly applied, it remains in place for five days. You can shower or go swimming with it.

The body prints come in a beautifully designed envelope. The Self Love series contains three different intentions: "self love", "self healing" and "processing". The size of each print is 75 x 75 mm.


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