Energy Spray Protection 100 ml

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All sprays and oils are handmade with 100% pure natural, essential oils....

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The Energy Sprays have been specially developed for quick and easy use. They activate frequencies in the aura field around the body and protect against polluting energies. In addition, the sprays help to support processes over a longer period of time. The sprays are also very useful for transforming energy in any given space.

All sprays and oils are handmade with 100% pure natural, essential oils.

How to use

Hold the spray above your head and close your eyes. Spray your aura with 4 to 5 puffs in a circle above your head. Hold your breath for a few seconds and whilst you do so, feel how the frequency in yourself is changing.

Known effects

The Energy Sprays have been frequently tested during workshops, trainings and energetic treatments. The longer you use them, the stronger the effect, as long as you refrain from mixing it with different energetic aroma fragrances.

Known effects are:

  • Increased concentration
  • Strengthening the senses and emotions
  • Increase in energy
  • A more peaceful state
  • Enhances spiritual experiences

Suggested use

  • Adults: the spray can be used every four hours, three to four times per day.
  • Children aged 4 years and older: no more than once a day, preferably in the morning.
  • Children under the age of 4: only for use in rooms/spaces. Do not use on the body.

The Energy Sprays are not for oral use.

Energetic/Physical effect of Protection

  • Activates the inner sense of security and protects against external influences
  • Stimulates inner peace, helps gain insight into the bigger picture and provides an energy-boost
  • Activates the immune system and helps you to firmly ground yourself
  • Heals feelings of defeat and exhaustion

Great for kids !!!


The Secret of Miron Violet Glass
Sun and sunlight play an important role in our daily life. Who does not feel joy when exposed to the first rays of sunshine after a long cold winter or when seeing a beautiful rainbow or sunset? Sunlight is enormously important for growth. In fact, there is no life possible without light. This same light that initially made growth possible also accelerates the process of molecular decay. As soon as plants, for example, are ready for harvesting, they must be used immediately or preserved efficiently. If they are exposed to sunlight after being gathered, then decomposition may take place and this drastically reduces the level of bio-energy in the plant. It is believed that this process of decomposition is due to the radiation from the visible light.


Since ancient times, mankind has tried to protect its most valuable products against the damaging effects of light. The early Egyptians, for instance, preserved their precious substances in gold or violet jars.


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