God meets God (Dutch)

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“Hanging on the wall was the mosaic of the Last Supper that Christian wanted to see. In fact the version that intrigued him the most. Judas holding a small box in his hands, looking away from Jesus and his disciples. This cannot be a coincidence!..........

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"On the wall mosaic of the Last Supper that Christian wanted to see, please note the version that intrigued him the most adorned Judas with a box in his hands, turning away from Jesus and his apostles. This can not be a coincidence! I was not out to find this painting and that is why I know that this discovery has something to tell me. I'm close to a climax, I feel everything. The only thing that stands in the way of me is a group of tourists that do not want to depart, but I do not let me stop you. They have had their time; Now I want my answers. "

God meets God makes you remember where we all have been. Looking through the ages It opens your eyes to what previously was not allowed to see the secret of our existence on Earth. The book provides answers to why we live in separation, why fear of failure and rejection of our biggest stumbling blocks are and where our strong desire for unconditional love is based on. No new wisdom or dogma but well known symbols form the pieces of a puzzle that can only lay the soul. Know that everything has a reason and nothing happens by chance. If you feel that you are ready for the truth, to remember who you are and where your life path leads to it, be prepared: then there is no turning back.

In his book Janosh invites himself and the reader on a journey through different lives, worlds and times. Quickly forms a common thread: the experience of two individuals who are destined to meet and change the world. A series of strange visions, emotional trials and spicy confrontation is necessary to bring both closer together and when the meeting is approaching, it appears that fiction and reality are indistinguishable from each other. The story is getting closer to reality, to the point that it is no longer clear who has the fate of humanity in his hands.

ISBN: 9789079482078

Language: Dutch (E-reader: English)

07-12-2016 01:21

Prachtig inspirerend verhaal. Ik heb het in 1 adem uitgelezen en wil dolgraag aantal plekken bezoeken die benoemd zijn.
Echt een aanrader!

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