Guidance @ Plexibond 40x40

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A meditative geometric artwork of format. For on the wall of your home, workplace, spiritual center or practice room.

The theme of the work is "GUIDANCE":

Daring to trust a higher intelligence that sees and understands more and can show you the way. Let go of control and follow the signs that cross your path.

This frequency helps you to silence the ego and not make decisions so that your guides get the chance to show you the right way.

Material: high res full color photo print on plexiglass with Dibond
size: 40 x 40 cm
price: € 149,- (now until 11 November - 99 euro).


About the maker and his work:

Janosh is the creator of the meditative geometric patterns for He has been working for many years with groups and individuals on their way to a society where higher consciousness and universal love set the tone. The geometric imagery comes in through channeling and always have a spiritual intention, intended to inspire and activate the viewer in these processes.

Just as with ritual mandala and yantra art from the Himalayas, the creative process is a purely intuitive process in which the artist experiences the meaning in the moment, but cannot articulate it. Every work has its own specific characteristics and appearance. All colors, shapes and combinations speak their own and at the same time universal language. The artworks of Janosh are unique and innovative and are characterized by the bright color combinations and the futuristic design.

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