Protection Kit

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Protection Kit Benefits:
- Energy Spray Protection
- Roll On Protection
- Body Activation Tattoo Protection...

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This box protects and preserves positive energy vibes. It comes with a card with text and description, with space for you to add your personal message. Great to give to someone who you think can use some more protection.


I wish you...

  • More clarity and focus.
  • More space for yourself.
  • A protective shield around you.
  • And everything that can make you happy!


Energy Spray Protection

- The Energy Sprays have been specially developed for quick and easy use. They activate frequencies in the aura field around the body and protect against polluting energies. In addition, the sprays help to support processes over a longer period of time. The sprays are also very useful for transforming energy in any given space.

All sprays and oils are handmade with 100% pure natural, essential oils.


Roll On Protection

- The Roll On has the same effect as the Energy Spray. It is easy to take with you and to always have it to hand. Roll it on your left wrist. Then rub your two wrists together so you will have the oil on both wrists. The oil will be effective and will influence your energy field.


Body Activation Tattoo

- Raise the frequency of your body with this encoded body tattoo! The unique geometrical design brings a feeling of frequency in the cell memory, which enables an active approach and mind-set. The tattoo lasts for a couple of weeks and during this period the energy channels are opened in your body, so that polluted or any 'cropped up' emotions can be set free. Apart from the design being a beautiful eye-catcher, which people will certainly ask you about, you will also inspire others.


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