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Somewhere in the unspoilt areas of outstanding natural beauty of Siberia is the Mecca of Shamanism. Baikal. Here you can find the oldest and deepest lake in the entire world, the Baikal Lake, where the strongest energy literally elevates you. Automatically you come into a higher state of Being – it is just as if you are in the middle of a dream. It is here, where Janosh will bring you in connection with his work and the rituals of the Siberian Shamans, a combination, which ensures for a gi-normous transformation!


Find yourself again and (re) discover your real creative power during this magical retreat on shores of the Baikal Lake.


In the heart of Shamanism

There is nowhere else in the world that you can make such a direct connection with Shamanism as in Baikal. It is where people and nature walk hand in hand and where you have the feeling that you are in another dimension. Inspire yourself with the many myths and legends about the area, where Shamans have, for centuries, passed down their cosmic knowledge from generation to generation. Learn about their powerful rituals, in which you will see how strong their belief in magic is. Taking part means co-creating: you transform yourself and the world around you.

About Baikal Lake

For more than 25 millions years, the Baikal Lake is the oldest ‘living’ lake. It is approximately one and a half kilometres deep and the surface area is about the size of Belgium. The Baikal Lake is the pearl of Siberia. People say that you can find the clearest water in the world here. But what makes the lake so well known, are the healing properties on the body and mind. People from all over the place travel and come here to heal themselves of disease and negativity.


About the retreat

Janosh’s programme is made up from the principle: that together we grow faster. This means that we are going to build up a strong group’s energy, so that every member of the group is able to elevate themselves as one. Together we will go into deep meditation, on a journey to our subconscious, where we will search for what wants to awaken in you. Rituals and excursions help you to come closer to your turning point. Finally everything within you will resonate with positive frequencies, such as self-confidence, self-love, abundance, creativity and self-esteem.


Also included in the programme:


  • Workshop days with activations, exercises and interactions.
  • Excursion to the North and South Line, which makes you feel that you have landed on the moon.
  • A visit to the small island where Buddhist monks and Siberian Shamans have constructed their buildings (Stupa).
  • An initiation ritual at a powerful place by the Shamans of Baikal.
  • A presentation about the history of the Sacred Order of the Shamans of Baikal.


This 8-day excursion consists of: 6 overnight stays in a 2-persons chalet (2 travelling days), including transfers to and from Irkutsk to Baikal. Ferry, Excursions, All meals, drinks and care. Not included is the air far to Irkutsk and Visa (we will help you will your Visa application).


Enrolment for Baikal - The Shaman Way will be possible until 1st April 2019 (because of arranging Visas within plenty of time). Price Euro 1995,00 (per person). Reservation you make by pre-payment of 500 euro.


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