About Janosh

Janosh is an artist; he inspires and is the founder of the Janosh project. Fifteen years ago his spiritual side was touched during a group meditation and he began to see all sorts of meditations and images in his dreams. Beautiful, geometrical images in different colours, which he called ‘codes’. With his background as a graphic designer, he was able to reproduce the codes perfectly on his computer. Each code received its own name and meaning. And apart from that they also have a special effect on our subconscious.


When people stare at the codes for a certain amount of time, they feel something happening within. The experience can be completely different for everyone. This goes much further in Janosh’s presentations, when you can go into a deep trance (supported by music) when the codes are on a large screen and are built up layer by layer. Janosh calls this ‘an activation’, because your subconscious is awakened.



Over the years Janosh’s project has grown from local meditation evenings to large productions in, for example: The Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL) and Theatre De Flint in Amersfoort (NL). The codes and activations form the heart, together with interesting literature, workshops, and products with special energetic activity, cards, perfumes, oils, stickers and water bottles. Everything to give people the tools to work with to develop their own spiritual level and support them during their process.


Are you interesting in a private session with Janosh? Click here.

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