Transmitter Device Tag | 35mm Black

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The Transmitter Device Tag is a sticker that protects you against the possible damaging effects from mobile phone and other wireless technology.
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The Transmitter Device Tag is a sticker that protects you against the possible damaging effects from mobile phone and other wireless technology. The sticker has been developed by Janosh and contains an extra terrestrial code (source: Arcturians) to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation. The apparatus, to which you attach it to, works just like normal, without any negative effect on your health.

The encoding is based on the power of bio-geometry and passive quantum technology. 

Awareness with technology
Phoning, Skype, Google and app-ing ... we do it every day. It's so normal that we often don't stop and think about the possible consequences. The electromagnetic radiation to which we are subjected, when we call on a mobile phone or wireless internet is possibly damaging for our health. Scientists advise that children should not call using a mobile phone. But if it's damaging for our children, what about us too?

At the moment there is a lot of research being done about the possible effects of the technology, which we work with now and all the results point in the same direction, and that is that using wireless apparatus can damage the cells in our body and negatively influence our auric field. This means that we are forced to be more aware with the technology we are offered. The Transmitter Device Tag by Janosh supports this awareness and helps everyone to avoid the possible damaging effects of wireless phones and internet.

No Energy? Stress, at the moment it's apparent in all forms and becomes a constant pressure on our system. A strong stress factor is electromagnetic radiation. After a while your vitality decreases. Physical, mental or emotional symptoms gain the upper hand. You don't feel well and you have less energy.


• a special sticker for mobile or wireless apparatus
• neutralizes possible damaging radiation
• protects your vitality and energy
• contains passive quantum technology
• Neutralizes the possible negative effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields.


Remove any dust or fatty substances from the place where you want to apply the sticker. Remove the Transmitter Device Tag from the backing strip and stick it to the outer surface of your gsm, laptop or tablet (preferably where the battery is) – the direction of the code is not important. The sticker works all the time and does not have to be re-charged. As far as wireless phone sets are concerned, the sticker should be placed on the basic unit. Placing the sticker on the antenna can neutralize the radiation on a Wifi router.

When a sticker has been placed on a mobile phone this will protect against any temperature increase in the head and incriminating radiation that is passed on through the cells of your skin. This happens without having any effect on the normal function of the telephone.

3D sticker black | 35 mm diameter | soft cushion | for mobile phones

17-10-2017 10:44

Ik ben zeer tevreden over dit product. Ik ben overgevoelig voor elektromagnetische straling. Als ik in een openbare ruimte was, waar veel mensen hun mobiele telefoon gebruikten, kreeg ik altijd blaren onder mijn voeten en soms ook in mijn mond. Ik was altijd heel erg moe en had het gevoel dat mijn spieren ernstig verslapten als ik een paar uur in een omgeving met veel stralingsbelasting was. Met deze sticker heb ik hier helemaal geen last meer van en zit een stuk lekkerder in m'n vel. Janosh en de Arcturians dank voor dit prachtige product, mijn levenskwaliteit is hiermee en stuk verbeterd.

24-05-2017 20:49

Thank You Janosh, I feel great with all my family, when I see my kids with cel phones i know they are protected .
I appreciate all your products they help me so much.

02-01-2017 05:23

I had the tag tested on a Vega Machine for countering EMF effects and the machine gave it 110%/100% Amazing technology. Put it on everything! Thanks Janosh and the Arcturians!

17-11-2016 23:22

I had the tag tested by a Vega machine and it really really works!

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