Transmitter Window Sticker

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The Transmitter Window sticker is a sticker that protects you against the possible damaging effects radiation.
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The Transmitter Window Sticker is a sticker that protects you against the possible damaging effects from radiation. The sticker has been developed by Janosh and contains an extra terrestrial code (source: Arcturians) to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation. The apparatus, to which you attach it to, works just like normal, without any negative effect on your health.

The encoding is based on the power of bio-geometry and passive quantum technology. 

Awareness with technology
Phoning, Skype, Google and app-ing ... we do it every day. It's so normal that we often don't stop and think about the possible consequences. The electromagnetic radiation to which we are subjected, when we call on a mobile phone or wireless internet is possibly damaging for our health. Scientists advise that children should not call using a mobile phone. But if it's damaging for our children, what about us too?

At the moment there is a lot of research being done about the possible effects of the technology, which we work with now and all the results point in the same direction, and that is that using wireless apparatus can damage the cells in our body and negatively influence our auric field. This means that we are forced to be more aware with the technology we are offered. The Transmitter Window Sticker by Janosh supports this awareness and helps everyone to avoid the possible damaging effects of wireless phones and internet.

No Energy? Stress, at the moment it's apparent in all forms and becomes a constant pressure on our system. A strong stress factor is electromagnetic radiation. After a while your vitality decreases. Physical, mental or emotional symptoms gain the upper hand. You don't feel well and you have less energy.


• a special sticker for on our Window
• neutralizes possible damaging radiation
• protects your vitality and energy
• contains passive quantum technology
• Neutralizes the possible negative effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields.


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