EXPEDICIÓN A BALUKHA: La Montaña Sagrada | Siberia Russia | 02 - 12 Agosto 2018 - Copy

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Years ago Janosh, quite exceptionally, met the Shaman 'The Keeper of Altai'. "Belucha is calling you," he told Janosh. It took years, but in July Janosh already goes for the third time. Janosh will undertake again the trip to the mountain in Russia ... and you can join him! A small group accompanied by one of the best coaches.

Retreat in the mountains of Siberia (2 travel days | 8 days Belucha)

An amazing experience on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. That's what Janosh offers you when you join him to the Holy Mountain Belucha in Siberia. Only a few people are entitled to come in that area as it is protected by UNESCO; it's on the World Heritage List. The shamans call it their Shamballa (paradise) and everyone who has been there can confirm this; Belucha has something magicals. It is the place for personal growth and transformation. With an extended programme of meditation, sessions and rituals, Janosh brings you step by step back to you real essence. He offers you all ingredients to totally relax and calm down and to experience yourself on a deeper level.

About Belucha

Belucha is the highest point of Siberia (4,506 m). At the foot of this mountain there are cedar forests, known from Anastacia, and the beautiful lakes Kucheria and Ak-kem. Many legends are connected with this place in the pristine Altai Mountains. It has come to be seen as the entrance to Shamballah, where, it is said, the wise of the earth reside until the moment arrives to emerge again. This thirteenth earth chakra connects all the other twelve chakras.

High Energy Frequencies

Altai is known for the special light that shines there, and her intense, purifying energies. It is said, especially in reference to the mountain Belucha, that you can only go there if you're ready inside. Once you're there, a process is put in motion that is unstoppable. You purest core is brought to the surface. It is a beautiful but fierce process. An experience that will change your life forever.

About the Expedition

It is hard and takes days to reach Belucha. It is a physically demanding journey, on horseback and on foot through the mountains. Much more than because of the breathtaking, unspoiled scenery, it will be a journey going inward. It will be a journey without words, activations, presentations, without entertainment or touristic excursions. What to expect?

In 10 days we break down the energy of Western life step by step till we fully resonate with nature. We start in an atmosphere connected with luxury. After that we go back tot basic: no internet, no telephone, no luxury.

You'll be traveling with a small group, with one coach, a limited number of participants, 2 horse guides and one local guide. During the trip we sleep in tents and eat what nature offers us (there will be cooked for us on a daily basis). In the base camp (on the feet of the mountain) we stay in a chalet together.

Janosh will perform sessions on different spots and invite you for meditations and rituals.

Finally you will be picked up by helicopter, with of course a flight around the Holy Mountain!

About Janosh

Janosh is a digital artist from Holland. His amazing holograms are keys to a higher consciousness. The combination with specially composed music helps and inspires people to make changes in their lives. Janosh's work is based on Sacred Geometry, which is a code language that your subconscious understands. It has helped thousands of people to change their behavior and beliefs and find their purpose in life. 

Traveling has always been an important element in the project of Janosh. He chooses areas with special energies where you will be touched on a deep level of consciousness. He calls it 'Sacred Grounds'. Combined with his work and philosophy of life, Janosh creates an amazing experience that touches, inspires, connects and make you personally grow.

About Energetic Therapist Louise Tuijt

As therapist, coach and healer, Louise already works 18 years in her own practice. By origin she is a psychologist. Louise connects the head, heart and belly: the mental, emotional and physical in combination with spirituality and energy work. All combined with a good dose of humor and a practical mind. Her strength is her honesty to point anything to empower you. She is a real traveller. With her family she lived on 3 different continents the past 15 years.


As the Expedition to Belukha is an intensive trip (the group must be well-balanced), we have a few conditions:

  • You have no fear of height
  • You have no major health issues (mentally/physically)
  • You are willing to be helpful and vulnerable
  • You adjust to the energy of the group (no ego, competition or excessive behavior)
  • You must dare to go outside of your comfort zone and be open to a different truth. Ready to jump to a new and much purer form of being.
  • You accept and realize that the consequences can be significant when you come back to your own environment, which will have remained the same.

The program from day to day (subject to change)

Day 1: Travel day, flight to Moscow with transfer to Barneal, Siberia.

Day 2: Arrival in Barneal (flight to Moscow, Barneal overnight flight, arriving early in the morning). Long trip to the Altai Mountains. Visit to two power-filled places. Wildwater trek over the Katun River. End of the day, arrival Vysotnik, our starting point and base camp. The evening ends with a Russian sauna.

Day 3: Resting and preparation day for the trip of your life, with a workshop, interaction and group sessions.  

Day 4: The beginning of the journey, in silence. Eight hours on horseback through the mountains and the valley Belucha. We travel via Tiungur-pass (850m) through the village of Kucherla. We travel through cedar forests and slowly we climb to our first camp.

Day 5: The journey continues, eleven hours on horseback in the direction of the Kara-Turek-pass at a higher level on the mountain, with visits to special places. We stay over at the river bed of the Ak-Kem river. We have group sessions and we close the day with a Russian sauna.

Day 6: Excursion on horseback to the old stones, a ritual place with enormous powers. On this spot we will hold an Open Circle with the theme 'Who are you and what role do you wish to play in your life'. The day will be closed with personal rituals and group sessions.

Day 7: A tough hike of six hours, to a strong power-place; the 13th chakra of the earth, the gateway to Shambala. Initiation. Subsequently, we exchange our past and experiences.

Day 8: We fly back to the starting point by helicopter. We fly around the highest peak of Belucha. After arriving in Vysontnic (where we started) there will be a closing ritual, group session and Russian sauna.

Day 9: Workshop in Vysontnic, end of the day departure to Barneal.

Day 10: Departure; Barneal - Moskow and further home.


The total price of this 'once in a lifetime' journey is € 3.450,-. You can register yourself by making a pre-payment of € 750,- via this web shop. During doing this, you will see a Remark-field in which you can write the following information, which we would like to receive from you:

- Your complete name, telephone number & e-mailaddress that you check regularly

- In a few sentences: What do you feel about Belucha?

Janosh consequently contacts you to feel whether he can make the trip with you. If this is not the case, due to whatever reason, your pre-payment will be refunded immediately.

If both of you have the feeling: this is the journey of your life!, you will receive shortly after registration information about travel advice, visa, outstanding payment (we might arrange a payment arrangement) etc.

The Expedition to Belucha includes the following:

  • Preparation package
  • Personal conversation with Janosh to prepare
  • Flight Advise Amsterdam-Moscow-Barneal and return
  • Local transfers to and from Barneal (incl. helicopter flight)
  • Visum invitation for Siberia and advise
  • All overnights in Vysotnik / Altaj
  • Russian guide/translator and 2 local horse guides
  • Energetic Therapist
  • All days food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Tents, cooking materials, workshop materials
  • Advise for clthing and personal care
  • Own horse for 3 days

But excludes:

  • Flight Ticket to Moskow & from Moskow back home
  • Flight Ticket Moskow-Barneal / Barneal-Moskow
  • Clothing and other personal stuff
  • Insurances
  • Visum

Final day of registration is 01  June 2018. The maximum number of participants is 8 persons. The group is International. English will be spoken.

Note: Subscriptions will be definite on the 12st of June and after this there are no possibilities for refund. The reason is that we need to prepare the Visa, reservations on name etc... with our partner organisation in Russia. 

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