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You can be quiet because you consciously choose to. It is also possible that you cannot be anything other than quiet. That you are touched so deeply in your soul that there is no alternative but to process this in silence. At such a time when this happens: you feel a shift take place within. This is what we are going to do in this ‘deafening’ retreat by Janosh. We are going from hardcore to silence!


Hardcore meditation

We normally do meditation in silence. We do it for our relaxation, to bring peace to the mind – this is getting more important in the busy world of today. The meditations by Janosh really have a different effect. They lead you just like normal towards silence, but in a much quicker way, which feels completely different. It is more intense, even confronting. A lot of emotions can be released. A really deep painful point can be touched. How does that work?


Janosh calls it ‘active meditation’. You focus on one of his geometric holograms (or codes) that directly and deeply activate your subconscious. In the meantime you listen to special music in which the tension is built up and down. This combination throws you within, to the source of who you really are. Because of that you feel the silence as ‘endlessly floating in your own body’.


Your personal search

Where the activations serve as an entrance to deeper parts of your subconscious, the silence serves as a ‘journey into your inner universe’. It is a search for answers. That is why we start each activation with a number of questions: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here on Earth?’ ‘What do I desire?’ ‘What am I afraid of?’ ‘What is my next step?’ Such questions are your keys to the treasures that lie buried within.

About Mandali

In Northern Italy, not far from the Swiss border, lies Liga d’Orta. It is a beautiful lake, which lies beside magical mountainous landscapes, where at 850m, the Mandali Retreat Centre can be found. People come here for rest, relaxation and contemplation. It is a luxury spiritual place, where everything is geared to disconnection from the pace of life, with beautiful architectural design, based on Italy in the Middle Ages. More information:


This 3 day arrangement comprises of:


  • Two overnight stays in a luxury room for 2 people (single rooms are available at a higher cost) including all body care facilities.
  • A programme with Janosh every day with activations and meditations & sessions
  • A goody-bag with energetic aids
  • An evening programme with entertainment
  • Complete care, including food, drinks and snacks
  • Inclusive transfer to Mandali centre (from airport Milan) t NOT included is the flight  to Milan (we will give advice beforehand about flights, departure and arrival times).





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