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Are you stuck in your own personal growth?

Or do you want to know what your personal challenges are?

Or do you just need confirmation that you are on the right path?

A private session with Janosh gives you precisely what you need for the next step. With more than 20.000 hours of experience in giving group and private sessions at home and abroad, Janosh is extremely knowledgeable in the area of energetic blockages. In a short moment, Janosh scans your energy to see what your fear or problems are about. Then he gives you an extremely effective work method, which is based on making a connection with the eyes.


Straight to the source

Janosh is well known for his quick approach. He will always go directly to the source, which means that you will immediately get to know where you stand. If you have difficulty with self-reflection and prefer not to look in the mirror, then you may find this confronting. But if you no longer want to be stuck in something, then your session with Janosh is wonderful.


But beforehand you have to be prepared to work on yourself. Janosh can give you exercises and questions to do, which are discussed in the following session. Experience has taught that a lot can be achieved in one session and often a second session is not always necessary.


How does it work?

Private sessions with Janosh are always on Skype. The date is planned beforehand. When you book a session, your place is guaranteed and no one else can take your place.


Payment is made in advance. When your payment is received, you will directly receive an email with a confirmation of payment.

In preparation for your session, you will receive a second email. This will inform you of Janosh’s Skype address, which you can add, and what you need to think about before the session begins.

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